2017 Infiniti 2017 QX30 Sport

31 May 2017
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31 May 2017, Comments Comments Off on 2017 Infiniti 2017 QX30 Sport

cathy droz headshotby Cathy Droz, Founder – HER Certified

What am I?

Check out the look and feel of the 2017 Infiniti QX30 compact crossover – it’s an all-new model and easily finding its place in the crossover segment.

This vehicle, which is part sedan/coupe, part hatchback and part crossover, has hit the luxury market with a quiet explosion. I tested the sport trim version of this model and found it added even more panache to an already unique combo. I’m all about sport and luxury combined.

I found the Sport model to be:
• More agile; thus better handling than a typical SUV
• Compared to a traditional sedan, the QX30’s Sport hatchback gave me greater adaptability
• The car/crossover/sedan/SUV seemed to be taller and more cargo capacity ( trust me I tested it)
• The coupe part of the QX30 was sportier looking than a classic sedan or crossover.Infiniti-2017-Grey-QX30-Sport

If you think the Infiniti can’t decide what it is, add the influence from their German friends, Mercedes Benz. If you are guessing there is a little DNA from the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class you would be right. The QX30 is strongly based on the GLA-Class and shares the Benz’s underlying body structure and powertrain. However, Infiniti keeps its own suspension and powertrain tuning to give the QX30 a more refined feel of the two.

The interior is all its own design including its superior InTouch infotainment system, a flat-bottom steering wheel and two-tone, distinctive leather and simulated suede seats, which I had in my test vehicle. This was a nice added touch, making the sport version really stand out.

I’m not sure if the QX30 Sport is confused by its many “different names and heritage” but I believe you take the best of what works and call it your own. I believe Infiniti has done that with the 2017 QX30 Sport. What do you think?

• MPG – 24 City – 33 Highway
• MSRP – Starting at $29,950
• Vehicle Tested – $43,735 (Sport Trim)
• My favorite feature: The Puddle Lamps

For more information, visit www.infiniti.com.

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