Cathy Droz and Wally Cahill have worked together for over 20 years in the automotive industry. Their professionalism and light hearted banter have endeared them to auto manufacturers, dealers and ad agencies alike.  They are involved in film production; TV reviews, radio shows, podcasts and most recently FaceTime live. They are hired for industrial videos, on camera talent and expert advice.  Besides their individual careers, Two for the Road USA keeps them both in front and behind the camera.

People know Wally from Channel 3 in Phoenix, Arizona as the Car Guy and Motorsports Mania. Cathy is best known for her auto reviews, HER book for women buying cars, dealer sales training and her red high heels.

You can see some of their work by clicking on the links below and follow them on Facebook… Two for the Road USA.  You may contact them at

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